Trade events are essential for successful business growth

Trade events are important to keep in touch with your customers. You can do just online sessions, but a personal meeting, although it sounds very strange nowadays, will always remain one of the cornerstones of business relations.

It is obvious, that a single face-to-face meeting can tell you more about your business partner than many online meetings. It is also obvious, that during a personal meeting you can often clarify unanswered questions in a more confident way, than on distance. Therefore, at DESTICON, we love to organize live events for the travel trade. Because it is a unique opportunity to build up personal connections for the future.

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Tailor made events

Every client has unique requirements and desires. At DESTICON, we are able to prepare unique events precisely as per your wishes.

These events can be smaller and focused on a special theme. Multiple city presentation roadshows, or for instance annual product launches for large audiences, tour operators, travel agents, associations, etc. with hundreds of attendees.

The sky is the limit… 🙂

Third party events

In the Central Eastern Europe region are many B2B and / or B2C travel and tourism fairs being held. Some of them are on a high level of services and audience offered, on the other side, many of them are just local happenings without any benefit for the international travel business.

We know the local specifics and are able to support you with on spot representation during the really important fairs and events!

Marketing and Media Services

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Sales Representation Services

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