Sales meetings with the travel trade to boost your business

Sales meetings are one of the main tasks we happily perform for our clients. Considering a sustainable business growth for all parties, yet we still focus on the “WIN” for our clients. Because when you are satisfied, we are happy.

You need to focus on overall growth of visitor numbers? Or are you more into a qualitative business strategy, not just “speedhunting for return of investment, without thinking about connected effects”? At DESTICON, we adjust our strategy accordingly to negotiate in your favor.

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B2B Sales

More than 1200 contacts to active travel agencies in the Czech Republic, 450 in Slovakia and 350 in Poland.

Professional relations with TOP 160 tour operators in the region with direct connection to their management and, as the only agency in the region, we have also personal connections to commission vendors – so that we don’t have to negotiate through a specific tour operator, with only a limited number of own re-sellers. This vendor network can be used within our destination marketing services to promote especially hotels and tourism associated services.

B2B2C Direct Sales

With established connections to main corporate and trade union benefit systems, we are able to offer and sell tailor-made packages to over 350.000 direct contacts in the Czech Republic. Our partners are for example among:

  • Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions
  • Police Unions
  • HR departments of significant Czech enterprises

Marketing and Media Services

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Sales Representation Services

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