The press is a superpower to gain more business – if used properly

A press conference is a very powerful tool to publish essential news. And it is still one of the cornerstones of public relations.

When it comes to presenting news to the public, usually a press event is one of the mostly asked for. And it makes sense, because you can present your ideas or products to a broad audience. But you need to have the local market knowledge to invite the right people. We at DESTICON are working very closely with journalist (bloggers, influencers, etc.). Therefore, we can advise you whom to send an invitation to your event to get the desired publicity.

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Annual press conferences

A media highlight for each company should be the annual press conference to announce the most important facts and figures from the last year and a vision for the future 12 months or more.

We at DESTICON know, how important such an event is and that it requires outstanding services as well as outstanding locations. Therefore, we are ready to supply you with solutions that every journalist will remember and associate in a positive way with your region or product.

Media events

It’s not only the annual press conference. A solid media cooperation requires more than just one single event per year. And not only in the Central Eastern Europe region journalists, bloggers and social media influencers are used to cooperate closely with a brand they like.

But it is not necessary to organize only B2B events! We have all the local knowledge of our markets and it would make us very happy to help you with the organization of top notch events such as multiple city roadshows also for a broad audience, to increase the value of your public relations.

Marketing and Media Services

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Sales Representation Services

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