Online trainings and distance learning to keep your customers updated

Online trainings, webinars, product introductions or any other events which either can’t be held face-to-face or are planned as continuous for business development purposes.

You would like to inform specific tour operators about news from your region / your company? About new rates, attractions, etc. in private sessions? Or on the opposite, you would like to hold an open session for all of them? Let us know, we have everything ready for you!

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On trusted platforms

At DESTICON, we are ready to provide you up-to-date solutions for ad-hoc online sessions or continuous distance trainings on platforms such as ClickMeeting or Zoom.

Both platforms are suitable for different purposes.

  • On ClickMeeting we can provide focused trainings with interactive online tools (surveys, call-to-action, …).
  • Zoom is our platform rather for quick ad-hoc group presentations without special training tools.

With professional equipment

Especially during online sessions, technical equipment is very important for successful presentations! Therefore, our conference hub is equipped with following:

  • Fiber-optic Internet connection with guaranteed back-up from provider
  • Professional online-conference equipment

Of course, we can’t affect the end-user’s equipment, but when we perform online meetings from our conference hub, we can guarantee a 99% connectivity in HD.

Marketing and Media Services

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Sales Representation Services

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