Information quantity will always be less worth than information quality

Nowadays it’s not only about “classic” journalists, it’s also about bloggers, social media influencers and it is essential to know how to present your product to the public.

The amount of unnecessary content we are consuming every day is exhausting. But people always find out very quickly, what type of content is worth reading and what not. It is our task to find out who is who in the land of media in Central Eastern Europe. And we do everything we can to connect you only with trustworthy media people who are professionals and can contribute to a better image of your region or company.

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Media trips

After press conferences, there is another cornerstone of media cooperation – media trips. A personal experience will never be beaten by any virtual or augmented reality. It is and always will be the experience on spot which makes travel reports interesting for readers.

We at DESTICON are aware, that a successful media trip requires a very precise preparation. Due to this fact we will always help you to bring the most valuable media representatives to your region or company so that the outcome becomes overhelming.

Informal networking

Thousands of wanna-be bloggers, co-called influencers without any influence…and journalists visiting your press event just to get free food and drinks? Not with us!! At DESTICON we understand the value of media consulting very much as an essential service for our customers. And yes, it takes time and costs us money, but we will recommend you only those media representatives we learned to know personally and we know their work!

We are meeting with them through the year many times, we try to stronger our relationship with them and to understand, how we can connect them in the best possible way with you, our customers.

Marketing and Media Services

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Sales Representation Services

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