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Community Management

Humans have a natural need for connecting in communities with similar interests. Especially for tourism destinations this habit could be of enormous value in the future.

More and more important for tourism businesses of nowadays is a precise aiming on clients. With community management services we can provide you helpful tools to sustainably manage your visitor flow.

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Targeted addressing

People are visiting regions, tourist attractions and staying in hotels mostly upon previous impulses from their surroundings.

Therefore, we at DESTICON are keen to help you communicate with your potential audience to create an authentic core network in which you can connect with your visitors, share experiences from your region or company and to sustainably grow your business.

Using communication channels

Each community uses a different main communication channel, and it is our task at DESTICON to help you identify the right audience for you on the respective communication platform.

Once this is done, we will create tailor made content to interact with the target community to raise your brand awareness and to boost your business from this source group.

Marketing and Media Services

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Sales Representation Services

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