Regional marketing campaigns are essential to raise awareness about your brand

A long-term development of specific tourism brands in the region of Central Eastern Europe requires a detailed knowledge of all respective markets.

The CEE markets are very unique and each single one requires specific strategies to successfully advertise a target destination or a stand-alone touristic product. In total, the markets Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia have over 60 million inhabitants which makes them an important source region for all holiday destinations. Yet, the mentality and travel behavior can be very different even within the respective countries.

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Data driven marketing

Technology makes it possible – you can aim directly to a target group based on data gathered before. Motivation, preferences and travel behavior are three essential parts of the customer’s decision process. We at DESTICON are surely in favor of data-driven solutions.

Based on credible inputs we are able to optimize your campaign strategy and focus on a target community suitable for your product. Or vice versa, we can say what customer groups in the respective countries could be the ideal visitiors for your region or tourism product.

Country wide campaigns

Sometimes it is desirable to run a nation wide campaign without precise aiming. But even this kind of campaigning requires a deep knowledge of market habits and nuances. We have the local knowledge and can advise you about topics which are in a positive connection with your region or tourism product.

A detailed planning can and will avoid the waste of time and money even during broadly focused campaigns.

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